Socorro High School Reacts to Student Death


POSTED: Monday, May 16, 2011 - 9:16pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 11:27am

SOCORRO- One of the two teenagers killed in this morning's ATV accident went to Socorro High.  The school took the news hard today, as students tried to cope with the sudden loss of Alex Reyes.

We spent the afternoon at the school, talking to students who are both shocked and saddened.  One student tells us the school is in disbelief

It was a somber mood at Socorro High as students remembered Alex Reyes.  The sophomore hadn't attended the school for very long, but left a lasting impression.

"He was only here his sophomore year.  But there are a lot of people sad," said one of Alex's friends.

That sadness quickly transformed into makeshift memorials to Alex, put up this morning.  Students were encouraged to sign the paper, and write a message to him.

Most were sad, reserved, and simple, remembering a young man well liked by those around him.

"He was a really nice person, he would always be smiling.  He was a really happy person.  He would cheer me up a lot," said another student.

Along with posters, students were writing letters of encouragement to Alex's family.  The school wants to keep them private, but administrators hoped the uplifting words would help the family get through a tough time.

"Great, awesome, extremely friendly, trustworthy, honest, so honest.  He was an awesome person," a student said, describing Alex.

Alex's friends say he leaves behind memories of a genuinely kind person; a life cut short at just sixteen years-old.

No memorial for Alex has been set yet, but the school says there are plans to have one.

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Hes the greatest person in my life I meet. he made my life change from bad to good.Hes there in my heart in my mind al the time but now hes on a better place on thats is far from us but safeter i love you alex we all do we well all miss you.

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