Socorro Flooding - The Aftermath

Socorro Flooding - The Aftermath

POSTED: Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 9:50am

UPDATED: Sunday, July 18, 2010 - 3:21pm

Socorro, TX - Workers were out fixing Coker Road in Socorro after rain caused flooding, and mudslides that just destroyed the area.

"We were thinking this only happens in Juarez, but we have it here in El Paso too, and everything is damaged inside," Lorena Alcala said.

Alcala gave us a tour of her home. More than three inches of water has already dried out, but it left everything in her home damaged and outside her family's main car is undriveable.

"We're working for nothing."

Alcala says if her family decides to move they'll have to start all over. The same can probably be said for other neighbors, but at this point they may be forced out.

"You can see all these houses over there. These people are having to move out because of this, and government hasn't done anything to help us out yet," Ramon Esparza said.

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Homeowners in flood zones *should* have flood coverage. I'd suggest they call their insurance company.
The rains are not as they were in 2006. There's been no federal emergencies declared that I've seen. FEMA (and most like groups) will not step in until then.
People need to become less dependent on the government/others to solve their problem for them.

The people that live there don't build the houses. It's the home builders like Saratoga and Tropicana homes that build these neighborhoods in unsafe areas. If the government sells them the land to build in these unsafe areas, i think they both should share the responsibility to help the homeowners fix their houses.

Why do you build homes where you are not supposed too then expect the government to help you.... WHY does the government have to be involved in everything.... FIX it yourself....

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