Socorro Family Scammed by Wanted Man

Socorro Family Scammed by Wanted Man
Friday, January 20, 2012 - 5:51pm

EL PASO - Living in El Paso's summer heat with no air conditioning is tough for any family, but the Chacon's have a special circumstance.

"My dad has a medical condition he's paralyzed from the base of his rib cage down. So he can't stand extreme temperatures. We live in El Paso in the summer it gets hot. If we have one air conditioner running in here it's not enough," Tony Chacon said.

So they hired this man, George Rivas, the family says a neighbor recommended him.

"Mr Rivas, we had actually hired him to replace the air conditioner up on the roof of our house," Chacon said.

And months went by and the Chacon's still didn't have a new air conditioning unit.

"He would call my mom every few days and say oh I'm coming tomorrow. I need this piece of equipment I need this part and he would keep calling day after day week after week month after month and it finally just got to the point where we had to buy our own air conditioners and pay somebody else to onstage them for us," Chacon said.

Until they never heard from him again.

"He had been paid off in full. But once he had been paid off, he disappeared."

Now the family is out $3,000 and Rivas is on the run.

"Of course were looking for him on the county warrant but then more charges came forward more witnesses came forward and we were Actually able to put together a theft charge against George Rivas and now have a Warrant for him here in Socorro," David Garcia from Socorro Police said.

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