Socorro Councilman Busted for Drugs


POSTED: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 6:19pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 18, 2010 - 8:55am

SOCORRO - A local councilman is one of four people arrested in an El Paso County Sheriff's Office drug operation.

Luis Varela, 40, is charged with drug possession and delivery.

Deputies say they searched Varela's vehicle at 10840 North Loop in Socorro and found 27 grams of cocaine.

They also netted 43 pounds of marijuana during the bust.

Also under arrest:  Ernesto Garcia, 29, David Alarcon, 19, and Jesus Palacios, 49 all of El Paso.

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How do loosers like this guy get elected??,...We the people should revolt against this trend of city council power abuse.From El Paso to Soccorro to every public office.The government must answer to us!!Not us be run by the government like blind obedient sheep that we are.

Well look at this guy, he looks like he's been in prison. No wonder Socorro itself it's so messed up if they have people like this guy running it. El Paso City Council should take over. Luis WE ARE NOT IN JUAREZ, YOU WILL GET BUSTED HERE, OUBVIOUSLY YOU FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY.

Where is all the outrage? An off-duty cop steals wedding gifts and is fired. There were 40-some comments about how corrupt the whole police force is. Where are you guys now with your comments on this elected official busted for dealing cocaine? Did you all vote for him? Was he your dealer? Is he your hero? He will probably stay on the council, until the FBI drags him out of there. As far as I'm concerned, law enforcement is the ONLY government entity in El Paso County that I have trust in

I doubt he'll resign. Can't give up on the entitlements!!!

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