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Socorro Council Member: I'm Being Treated Unfairly

Socorro Council Member: I'm Being Treated Unfairly

POSTED: Friday, October 14, 2011 - 4:43pm

UPDATED: Saturday, October 15, 2011 - 12:06am

SOCORRO - There's a long history of drama at Socorro City Hall. Now there's word of another dysfunctional city council, and this time it's from a council member herself.

"They are hindering me from trying to represent my district, my constituents to the fullest," Representative Maria Reyes said.

Representative Reyes says the rest of council is not treating her fairly. For example, she says she's been forced to submit open records requests to the city to get information. That's unusual because city council members usually have free access to such records.

"The name of the engineer that got hired by city council; I am city council and I'm not aware of it unless I read it..."

She also says she's been left out of decisions that are being made outside of council meetings.

"Even before there's a discussion {in city council}, they've already made a motion to approve and you get a second within five seconds. You know it's already been pre-discussed ok, and that's not right."

Reyes emailed the Socorro City Attorney to ask for his legal opinion on what was happening. His response back?

"I never got one back."

Reyes says the problems started a few months ago when the rest of city council stripped away her district's discretionary funds, and today she thinks she knows why they're treating her differently..

"Honestly, I was part of the recall group. I was part of the group of concerned citizens that voiced their concerns about how their spending was going, their decisions, no transparency."

Reyes is hoping things change, but she says she will continue to jump through hoops to get her job done.

"If that's what it takes I will do it. I have done it."

We reached out to all the other members of council for comment, but so far we haven't heard back from any of them. When we do, we will let you know what they have to say.

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Ms. Reyes, you reap what you sew. What did you think would happen when you help expose them, that they would hug you, kiss you, and thank you for showing them the light!!! This is not Disneyland, and in the real world, no-one really likes a fairy tale ending, and Mary Poppins is a busybody, that no-likes. Maybe it's time for Mary Poppins to open her umbrella and fly away, drink some coffee, write a book, and just forget about it, if anger festers, it is like a twisting knife into the soul.

I agree that there there's a long history of drama at Socorro City Hall but the City's of El Paso and Sunland Park are not too far behind. I hope wiser and better people are willing to run for public office in all 3 cities so the region can move forward instead of backwards.

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