Socorro City Council Wants Mayor To Resign

Socorro City Council Wants Mayor To Resign

POSTED: Thursday, October 7, 2010 - 3:51pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 8, 2010 - 11:54am

SOCORRO - Socorro City Council Members say the Mayor is casting a shadow over the city, and now some of them want him to resign. He says they should resign.

Mayor Willie Gandara is indicted in the FBI corruption probe, and now some council members are calling for him to resign. It's listed on the city council agenda. Over the phone we spoke to City Council Member Mary Garcia who placed it there. She said her constituents want him to resign, and she does too. She said it would be the honorable thing to do.

We tried calling all council members. Gloria Rodriguez was the only other one to answer the phone. She told us Gandara should step down to resolve his problems.

We called Gandara who told us he will not resign. In fact, he's calling for all but one city council member to resign. We don't know why. Either way, people in Socorro are tired of the drama, and those we spoke with said the Mayor should just step down.

"If it's going to do any damage to Socorro, yes, and for a better Socorro as well," Cecilia Ramirez said.

"Socorro has been looking really bad. I mean you tend to think maybe they're all corrupt, and is that what Socorro is going to be represented as? Being corrupt," Rebecca Olivas said.

If Gandara refuses to resign council members say they'll seek legal advice to get him out of office.

We will be at the meeting, and you can find out what happened tonight at 10pm.

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I'm not surprised at the total arrogance of Mr. Gandara, he seems to think that money can buy everything. It's a shame, that he won't find the same in Federal Court, where he is under indictment. For his arrogance, he should be given a double sentence when he is found guilty. Federal Prosecutors rarely prosecute people, unless they are sure that the case can be won.
As for the people of Socorro, I really don't feel sorry for you, or your problems, after all, it is YOU who elected him.

I wish idiot Mayor Cook would retire.

Yes he should resign! He cast a shadow on the town of Socorro and there has been enough negative reports on the Town already. Gandara resigning would be the best thing for the Town of Socorro. If he really wanted what is best for Socorro he would step down. Socorro has been laughed at long enough!

He should resign asap.

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