Social Voice: Elections, "Bad Attitudes" & Fan Photos


POSTED: Tuesday, March 6, 2012 - 7:45pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 11:37am

The News Channel 9 Facebook page had some good feedback from fans Tuesday.

With the elections happening, NC9 asked residents of New Mexico about their voting habits. One of our fans, Ana Artalejo-Viewig said she voted in Anthony, and posted the following comment:

"I think it is our civil duty to vote and elect people we believe are going to help our community and especially our youth."

Thanks for your input, Ana.

News Channel 9 also posted a controversial story about an 11-year old who was handcuffed at school for having a “bad attitude.” Viewers can see the heavy response of Facebook comments.

One Facebook fan posted that handcuffing the student at school was "excessive use of force," while another person posted that it was a "perfect lesson." View the full story here, and give us your feedback.

News Channel 9 would like to remind everyone about the “See it. Shoot it. Share it.” web tool.
On Tuesday, Sandra Apodaca uploaded an adorable photo of her “yorchie” mix, Estela. Log on to and send us your photos here.

We would also like to thank News Channel 9 viewer Steve Eberlein for sending photos of the mobile home fire in Las Cruces. Mr. Eberlein gave us a great perspective of that story that happened early afternoon Tuesday, which you can also read more here.

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I think I know where you guys are going with this...;-) About time to, the region needs a good make over with all the bad news arounds us. Would be a good idea to review all the videos from around the world and give the tri state area an international taste of what´s going on...;-)

Thanks for the insight, Gabriel411. We are definitely looking to get creative with our social media resources. Stay tuned and watch it evolve as it takes a life of it's own!

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