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Soccer vs. Football


POSTED: Friday, October 8, 2010 - 2:28pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 3:04pm

EL PASO - Teams are battling, but not for a win. They're fighting for the field to play on, and now a coach for one of El Paso's youth football teams says soccer starting to kick them out of the game.

"We have been slowly but surely, around this city, squeezed off of park spaces, and basically made to have our kids play on substandard fields. As well as having to squeeze into the smallest possible areas for practice just to accommodate soccer, and it's not fair and it's unsafe for these kids," Bill Smith said.

Smith says the city is making more money off of youth soccer because there are more soccer players in El Paso. He says because of that his kids are being sidelined.

"They're holding dollars and cents over the safety of these children. I have nothing against Soccer. Those kids work very, very hard also, {but football} is probably the most popular sport, I know in Texas, and no place in Texas would you see these kids be treated like this when it comes to football."

The coach of one soccer team disagrees.

"I think the opposite. Sometimes we get kicked off fields the football teams are using," Gustavo Luevano said.

Luevano says he's been told soccer teams can't reserve fields because of football season, and he too says the fields his kids are forced to play on are terrible.

"They're patchy, there's mud piles. That's everywhere we go. I guess that's just a general field in El Paso," he said.

So what will it take for everybody to win? The coaches say better parks, and more playing fields in El Paso.

City offices are closed today, but we left a message with the city's Parks and Recreation Department. We'll let you what they have to say when they get back to us.


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Ive use to coach football for the city league. Now my son plays soccor and I enjoy it more. One thing different between football and soccer, in football almost all the coaches are trying to live their life through the kids they are coaching. They probably played football all their childhood and even high school and now they can't let it go. Soccer coaches actually teach the love of the game to kids.

Why can't the soccer/fooltball teams play on the sport fields of area schools? What about the tax-paying citizen who wants to enjoy the park but can't because of a congestion of players, families, vehicles and trash left behind. I live close to a park and a school with a football field. The field at the school is nice and green and the park is trashed, the grass is all torn up and I can't walk with my pets in the evenings. What the heck?????:(

From a fed up TAX PAYING CITIZEN!!!:(

I bet you don,t clean up your dog's mess. When my son's team practices it's like walking in a mine field with all the dogs poop.

you know why they can't practice on those fields because the shools themselves do not want to lend out their fields even though they are not being used. they want to charge a team $100/week just to be on the field for 1 1/2 hrs. where are the teams supposed to get that type of $$!

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