'So Good' - El Paso group hopes billboard creates positive buzz

'So Good' - El Paso group hopes billboard creates positive buzz

POSTED: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 6:26am

UPDATED: Friday, April 19, 2013 - 6:26am

So Good. The message only contains two words but in all its simplicity there is a complex reason as to why it stands in Central El Paso. The billboard is black and white and has no other messages tied plastered on its face, yet what lies beneath is the hope to garner more positive attention to the Sun City.

"We're going to take on a couple of very important missions. One, to attract positive national media. And number two, was to excite El Pasoans about El Paso," Bill Blaziek said. Blaziek is the General Manager of the El Paso Convention Center as a well as a member of the Strategic Communications Task Force.

The Task Force group aims to bring more positive attention to El Paso in light of some bad press. "The group we call the Strategic Communications Task Force have been working for about two years and the purpose of the task force is to really respond to the misinformation, the negative publicity that was just generated vies-a-vi the violence in Juarez," Blaziek told us.

Unfortunately, he could not divulge the complete reason behind the 'So Good' campaign, but he did manage to say they aim to get residents to feel good about the city. They're also hoping to attract more highly skilled workers to the area.

El Pasoans we spoke with were just as confused, yet they agreed that El Paso does have its charms.

The task force plans to unveil their entire campaign on May 9th. "When the campaign unfolds there will be strong messaging there. And we'll stage a complete reveal at our annual National Tourism Week luncheon," Blaziek said.

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