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Snow Flurries Touch Down in Chaparral, NM

Snow Flurries Touch Down in Chaparral, NM
Monday, March 19, 2012 - 6:40pm

Chaparral and Northeast El Paso usually get precipitation of the frozen kind because of their proximity to the mountain.

That was the case again with this storm system.

Wind, rain and even snow flurries left people in Chaparral and Northeast El Paso speechless today.

"And I was like what? What's going on with that," McCulough said.

People in Chaparral woke up to strong winds and snow flurries this morning, but it did not stopping anyone from going about their normal day.

"Visibility has been fine, hasn't been a problem as far as the snow is concerned. It was getting things a little bit wet and a little bit slippery earlier, but now everything has pretty much dried out," McCulough said.

Martin McCulough says he wasn't expecting the gloomy weather on his way to work this morning.

"It's weird I left Las Cruces this morning, but it wasn't real cold it was cool, but not real cold and then when I drove over to Chaparral Pass just as I came up here it started snowing," McCulough said.

Joseph Taina wasn't either.

"I've been in El Paso two years now and it's really surprising what the weather is over here. You never know what's going to happen," Taina said.

On this cold windy morning the last thing Joseph wanted to do was sit outside and wait for his ride.

"You're freezing trying to wait for the bus. Hoping it was here right now," Tania said.

The sun did make it out for just a bit. It started to shine through this afternoon.

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