Smaller Crowds at Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in Juarez

Smaller Crowds at Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in Juarez
Thursday, May 5, 2011 - 5:00pm

Cinco de Mayo used to be just another excuse to cross into Juarez to eat, drink and celebrate the day Mexico defeated the French Army in the city of Puebla.

Mexican Soldiers and students still march in the traditional parade, but Mexican nationals like Marisela Torres and Yadira Ceballos aren't seeing a big crowd this year.

"It's not the same because there is too much violence, I hope that some day this situation doesn't continue for the good of the people of Juarez," Torres said.

Fewer people crossing into Mexico to celebrate, means fewer dollars spent in Juarez.

"I believe that they don't come to Juarez because of how the situation is right now with the violence. Also they don't come to shop because of the bad economy," Ceballos said.

The Mexican Consul, Roberto Rodriguez Hernandez, says that even a big day like Cinco de Mayo just isn't the same in cities like Juarez.

"It is very sad because we are going to have less people crossing the border in order to celebrate in Juarez, but lets celebrate here in El Paso," Rodriguez said.

So Cinco de Mayo is still an important day, but people won't really celebrate until the day its safe to party in our sister city.

"We hope that in the near future the American people and the Mexican American people might be able to cross in order to celebrate in Juarez," Rodriguez said.

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