Shrimp prices soar as shortage grows

Shrimp prices soar as shortage grows
Friday, August 16, 2013 - 9:10pm

Shrimp prices are soaring as a shortage grows. A disease is wrecking prawn production in Thailand, China and Vietnam. Thailand alone accounts for 30% of all shrimp consumed in the U.S.., one study shows.

El Paso could soon feel the effects. Landry's Seafood House on the eastside is a popular place serving up shrimp, lobster and other crustacean cuisine.

Manager Lorenzo Olivas said because the restaurant is a chain, Landry's Seafood House is protected from changing market prices.

"It will affect small restaurants because it's hard to get shrimp in here. Their price when they buy their shrimp is higher than ours," said Olivas. We'll look into it and maybe promote more of the lobster if there's a shortage of shrimp."

Rising shrimp costs doesn't bother one local no matter where she eats.

"If I'm in a shrimp mood then I'll look at it. The price wont be as much of an issue as long as preparation is good and the quality. Contamination problems that would by my biggest concern, more so than price."

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