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Shiny Happy Garbage

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 7:17pm

El Paso- The holiday season means presents for good boys and girls, but it also means a lot of extra trash that could be recycled...

Friedman Recycling Company in El Paso is hoping for more business this holiday. This plant is where all the items in your blue bin end up... and as a reminder, that's aluminum cans, plastics labelled 1-7 and anything that tears. The plant also wants to remind El Pasoans they also accept wrapping paper, gift boxes and all the packaging those new toys come in. Plus, Friedman takes Christmas lights for recycling.

Always break down the boxes when filling up the blue bins, don't overfill and make sure the lids close. If you have too much that week, remember, the city picks up at the same time the following week.

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