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Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Driver On Manslaughter Charges

Sheriff's Deputies Arrest Driver On Manslaughter Charges
Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - 6:20pm

Sheriff's Traffic Invesigators arrested Fernando Varela for his involvement in a March 11 car accident that left one man dead. An investigation revealed that Varela was driving the Ford Mustang that collided with a Chevy Suburban on the intersection of Buntline and Marvin Lane. The Suburban was occupied by a total of six passengers, including four adults and two children. According to the report, Varela disregarded a stop sign at the intersection, causing the collision. 

Upon impact, a Sergio Aguayo, 36, was partially ejected through the passenger side window of the Suburban and died on scene. All persons involved were treated by Life ambulance for minor injuries and released on scene. 

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