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Senator Hutchison: Obama Has Bias Against Texas


POSTED: Friday, June 10, 2011 - 6:51pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 13, 2011 - 8:55am

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison said the Obama administration is messing with Texas.

The retiring republican told MSNBC that the administration has a bias against the state that's creating the most jobs in America.

""Even in the border issues, we're not getting the help that we should have from the federal government, to secure the 1,200 mile border that we have with Mexico. So I do think that a lot of the rhetoric has rubbed the administration wrong," said Senator Hutchison.

Senator Hutchison also spoke about Governor Rick Perry's possible run for the presidency. She said he would make a formidable candidate.

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Considering the way Governor Perry has dismissed Obama's aid before and rejected the national help, I am not surprised. If anyone is to blame, it is Governor Perry for being a jerk - not Obama.

Republican, capital 'R'. all U.S. citizens are republicans in that we live in a republic. However, those affiliated with the Republican party (as is Hutchison) need be written as Republican.

I disagree with Senator Hutchinson regarding Rick Perry's run for the Presidency. I think he is a disgrace to the state of Texas. He has on more than one occasion said that El Paso, which is in West Texas, part of Mexico. El Paso is a large border city in Texas. El Paso has constantly been ignored by every Governor the state has ever had. We are 10 hrs. drive from the capitol city of Austin but we are still in Texas.

NO joke! Obama hates Texas and Rick Perry. Obama knows we have had the lion's share of job growth here and he can't stand the idea that Independent Republican Texas is whipping his ass on the economy.

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