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Sen. Cornyn Visit to El Paso Addresses Border Violence

Sen. Cornyn Visit to El Paso Addresses Border Violence
Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 11:43am

El Paso - Sen. John Cornyn will visit El Paso Friday for briefings on escalating cartel and gang violence.

He is expected to announce legislation to fast track border security resources to state and local law enforcement.

Cornyn will also hear from local law enforcement on the challenges they face as they work to secure our border and keep El Paso and Texas residents safe.

Following a classified briefing with the FBI, DEA, ICE, ATF, CBP, and the U.S. Attorney, Sen. Cornyn will host a roundtable with local law enforcement.

In light of the recent murders of two U.S. citizens with ties to the American consulate in Juarez, Sens. Cornyn and Hutchison sent a letter to President Obama demanding swift action to help quell the drug-related crime that has begun to spill over into our towns and cities.

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