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Section of Transmountain to be Developed


POSTED: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 - 6:19pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - 12:55am

A group of hikers and land conservationists that want to preserve a large patch of land in the northeast won't get their way.

That's because council today voted to devote that land to urban development. The land is almost 800 acres straddling Transmountain Road on the west side of the Franklin mountains.

Those opposed to developing that area say they want to preserve the scenic corridor and natural arroyos.

Those in favor of development say the area will be more sustainable this way.

"I'm not devastated by it, I think there's a compromise we can work on," said the chairman of the Open Space Advisory Board, Charlie Wakeem.

"City council voted to develop it but to develop it in a more sustainable way, much more like a Kern Place or a Sunset Heights type of neighborhood," said deputy director of Planning and Development for the city, Mathew McElroy.

The Open Space Advisory Board hopes to still preserve that area, just a smaller section of it.


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there is still time to petition! there is a 2 part petition, which is now an initiative to rally enough signatures so that we as a city can vote on this ordeal, and not allow city council to get away with this...
we are collecting to return the petition is mentioned on the site's INSTRUCTIONS link

I believe its actually NorthWest El Paso if the plan is to develop on the west side of the Franklin Mountains. Also while its nice to have sustainable , smart , development, what would really be smart and sustainable, financially, environmentally and spiritually is to DEVELOP DOWNTOWN! and ban city growth North of Transmountain Road. It should always stay as a protected national park land... Portland has implemented a similar Smart Growth plan and there city is one the jewels of the USA.

I dont want to hear comlaints from you Westside people when the lions come and eat your pets..why cant you leave the mountains alone

The El Paso City Council are a bunch of bafoons. They don't have enough money to run El Paso and want to help our sister city Juarez. And now develop one of the most beautiful areas of the County. There is pleanty of other vacant land that could be developed instead including but not limited to that isore called Asarco.

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