Second Graders Write Letters to Santa


POSTED: Saturday, December 22, 2012 - 7:09pm

UPDATED: Saturday, December 22, 2012 - 7:14pm

Just days away until Christmas day and for many children the day Jolly Old Saint Nick comes sliding down the chimney can't happen soon enough.  

Students at Schuster Elementary revealed they want more than just things for themselves.  The kids say they've been good all year long and on Friday they wrote letters to Santa to illustrate that fact. 

We asked the kids if they've been good all year long.

"Yes," Adriel Lira says.

"More or less," Brianna Swanner tells us.

"I've been bad and good," Joe Hernandez openly admits.  

At least the children are honest. Brianna Swanner says she accidentally scratched her Mom's car. Another child recounts an incident from earlier this year, "I was playing the XBOX and then and I tripped on the toy and then the remote hit the TV and then it broke," Jamal Williams says.

Despite the accidental incidents, these kids also tell us about their good deeds. Brianna says she made breakfast for her Mom in bed. Jamal exclaims that he took off his baby brother's shoes and jackets for him when his parents are busy. 

Their wish list is as diverse as the colors on a Christmas tree. Some kids want toys, others want puppies but Jamal wants electronics. He reads us a part of his letter to Santa,"I know you're nice. Can you ask your elves I want an iPad computer that flips over," he says.

Some wishes are the result of a selfless request, "The iPad is for me and the computer that flips over is for my Mom," Jamal explains.

Educators say writing Santa is a way for students to connect lesson plans with real life experiences. "They understand the true meaning of the holidays. It's not just about us, it's about others. And even at that young age, they understand that," Anthony Tomasheski says. He is the Principal of the elementary school. 

It's also a way for these kids to prepare for next year. We ask Jamal if he's been good this year. He nods his head and says, "So I can get presents for my Mom and my brother and my stepdad."  

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