NMSU students finish third in Yuma Art Symposium challenge

NMSU students finish third in Yuma Art Symposium challenge
The School Yard
Monday, March 17, 2014 - 2:37pm

You might not think that pin exchanges, pool parties and timed ring-making challenges sound like the typical environment for students to learn about their major, but that’s exactly what a group of New Mexico State University art students experienced when they participated in the Yuma Art Symposium in Yuma, Ariz., Feb. 20-22.

The jewelry and metalsmithing students scored third place in the National Saw, File and Solder Sprints, a challenge during which groups compete against each other to craft a ring out of raw materials in as little time as possible.

“The whole idea of the competition is very opposite of what jewelry making is,” said Collin Kennon, junior art major. “It’s very rough and we’re supposed to make polished, clean stuff.”

As its name implies, the competition involved three tasks, with one person responsible for each: Sephra Reyes, junior art major, sawed the ring out of the rectangular piece of copper; Kennon filed and formed the ring; and finally, Jolene Castanon, graduate art student, soldered it.

The students competed head-to-head with another team and were then ranked against all the others.

Groups that took longer than 6 minutes were disqualified.

The symposium consists of demonstrations, lectures and presentations given by emerging artists.

Participants also have the opportunity to network with fellow artists in events such as the Pin Swap, during which artists exchange pins they’ve created.

There was also a pin auction to help raise money for next year’s symposium. The event was sponsored by the city of Yuma, the Yuma Arts Center and the Yuma Arts and Culture Commission, along with several co-sponsors.

For more information about the department visit https://www.facebook.com/NMSUmetals.

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