School Lockdown Still Not Explained


POSTED: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 6:02pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 10:33pm

The emergency is over and now parents of Riverside Elementary students are demanding answers.

The parents aren't getting any straight talk about yesterday's lockdown.

"When I was driving up I saw everybody was out in the parking lots and cops and everything were all over the place. That scared me because I didn't know what was going on," Bermudez said.

It was the unknown that terrified Jackie Bermudez when she drove up to Riverside Elementary School to pick up her daughter.

Bermudez received a phone call from her daughter asking to be picked up from school.

"She was scared like a lot of little kids that I saw coming out," Bermudez said.

The school had been on lockdown for about an hour, but no one from the Gadsen Independent School District told the parents, something Bermudez thinks is ridiculous.

"It would have been a little bit less scary knowing that they're letting you know, instead of your child calling you and telling you that the school is on lockdown," Bermudez said.

Detective Angel Luna from the Sunland Park Police Department say someone threatened a staff member and that was enough to put the school on lock down.

"It turned out to be that this person was intoxicated and made a threat towards someone else," Luna said.

Police say the first priority was keeping students safe, not notifying parents.

"The only way that we could probably notify is through news or through radio. Due to the fact that it just took about an hour, an hour and a half and the kids were going to be released at the same time. Nobody wanted to make it look like it was going to take longer than needed," Luna said.

At this point, parents still haven't heard from administrators.

"They really haven't told us any thing. What happened or anything at all," Bermudez said.

So far, no charges stemming from the lockdown.

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This school is trying to cover something up.
Some of the kids are saying they heard gunshots one girl told her aunt that in her class a man came in with a gun and took a teacher out of the class room.
When they called the school they said it was just a drill.
What i want to know is where is this man and why is the school district and police department covering up for this individual.
Kids are scared to be in the hallway by themself.

Imagine EVERY parent invading the campus at one time looking for Mi'ijito/a at once. The school locks the doors, the perp shoots people like fish in a barrel b/c they can't get out, sets fire to the cafeteria and then escapes among all those clueless parents. GREAT IDEA! Call EVERYONE to come mob the place, except those who can help...911 because we all KNOW what crooks they are.

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