School Closing - Parents Want Answers


POSTED: Monday, May 10, 2010 - 3:28pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 - 7:11pm

Parents at a Northeast El Paso private school want answers after they say the school suddenly announced it was closing.
Hurting their kids college dreams.
But, school leaders from Bethel Christian tell us the problem comes down to a bad economy.
Private Schools are closing nationwide.


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ps -- I even left out the other error: 'hurting their KIDS' (plural possessive!) college dreams.' And, Agrebuzz is completely correct.

I hope the author of this article didn't go there: 'hurting their college dreams' is not a complete sentence, even. Don't you people have proofreaders?!

i understand tehir concern because when my brother went to Andress there was many different electives you could choose from, like geology.4yrs later when i go, due to budget cuts i saw nothing but crossed out classes/electives that are no longer being offered because they are not deemed necessary part of their corriculum.These parents are concerned about the foundation and oppurtunities their kids get now and what they won't get if they leave to a public school system

This closure is not going to hurt anyone's college dreams. The students who are working and studying hard will do well no matter where they go next year. The Junior class may not be able to be honored as a valedictorian or salutatorian, but their overall GPA and test scores will speak for themselves. Colleges won't discount them because they had to change schools.

Pastor hodge and concerned parents, there are grants available to help keep your school open, some of which renew every year if you meet certain criteria.

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