School Board Flooded With Hate Mail


POSTED: Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - 5:23pm

UPDATED: Friday, August 12, 2011 - 3:58pm

EL PASO - Eight days ago, the FBI arrested EPISD superintendent Lorenzo Garcia. The school board tells us that ever since then, it's been flooded with calls and emails. Most of them are angry and some are just plain nasty.

Isela Castanon-Williams welcomes input from parents, teachers, and anyone else. And while she says they're trying to be as accessible and transparent as possible, the tone has become very negative.

"I'd have to say nasty, some of them have been personal attacks," Castanon-Williams said.

Board president Isela Castanon-Williams says she's always gotten calls before, but not like this. From people screaming over the phone to hate mail, Castanon-Williams says they've all developed a thick skin. And while she understands it's part of the job, she says it makes her job harder when she can't work out a resolution with the person on the other end of the line.

"When we ask for a name, it's like, they're not going to give a name, and the phone number is unknown," Castanon-Williams said.

Amidst all the controversy, it's a daunting role - one that interim superintendent Terri Jordan is now filling.

"I'm very honored to come from a family of educators," Jordan said.

Jordan began her career with EPISD in the 80s as a teacher and now has two kids at EPISD schools. She will sit in Garcia's seat for the first time at tonight's board meeting.

While she says she's excited, we asked Jordan if she feels intimidated to fill those shoes.

"9,000 employees, 64,000 students, that just in and of itself is very challenging," Jordan said.

So while an interim superintendent takes her seat for the first time tonight, and as a new district 1 trustee is named, the board is hoping to start fresh, but still remain accessible - as long as you keep it clean.

"Gentler and nicer please," Castanon-Williams said.

The board president added that in 2006- when the FBI alleges Dr.Garcia was engaging in illegal activity - the current school board had not yet been elected.

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The board allowed it and you deserved to be called idiots. Its your job to provide due dilligence to your employees your paying a salary too in making sure they are complying with regulation and fairness.

Maybe if you actually opened your eyes and realized you had your head in the sand for so long it all catching up to you for having no common sense.

You have no pitty from me on this situation. The council of tonto's is more like it. You can't even clean up poop alley let alone this.

can someone please tell our city council to fix yarbrough where construction is and put some trees or plants! you drive by and its plain hot ugly gravel and nothing but quarts of beer on cement

Wait, wait.... You just mentioned that the Board will have to pay out his sick and vaction leave. I bet he has never used any. Through open records, ask for a history of his use on leave. This makes me sooo mad. I have a special needs son and I have written him letters in the past regarding my son's situation and concerns with his current school....

What a white wash and spin on reality, the Board took over fully knowing of the Superintendent and his filthy baggage, and instead buried their head in the sand to hear, see, and speak no evil. They are, by association, just as guilty for condoning his behavior, putting up with it, and trying to sweep it under the carpet. If in fact Garcia is fired, the entire board should follow, and let El Paso Taxpayers elect a total new board. By the way I emailed Williams with my concern, NO REPLY yet.

I ask you to advise everyone to treat one another with respect. No one should treat another person with contempt. Too many administrators are treating those who work for them with total contempt. They seem to think that they can ask for "favors" of any kind. Nepotism is rampant in the community, amoral behavior is rampant, as extreme lack of ethical behavior. You the school board must set the example, you must act a leader of our children.

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