San Elizario residents react to incorporation


POSTED: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 8:53am

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 9:51am

San Elizario will soon become its own city. Eighty-eight percent of residents voted to incorporate.

"We're super excited and happy," said Monica Marcus.

"It's history here and we want to make it better for the entire community," said Rebecca Juarez.

The town's movement started in January after the City of Socorro voted to annex a portion of San Elizario.

In April, a district judge stopped the annexation after deciding two Socorro city council members, Jesse Gandara, Jr. and Willie Madrid, Jr. were illegally in office at the time of the vote.

Since then, the incorporation efforts group has been working to get it on the ballot in order to stop future annexation efforts.

"I can't thank the people voted for the incorporation enough. Our committee did a great job but even the people who just went out to vote really did a great job and we welcome everyone to be a part of our new City of San Elizario," said Maya Sanchez.

Official city work will not start until a city government is in place when residents will elect a mayor and a city council.

Until then, the group will gather information and look at other towns in Texas.

"We’re going to do some planning and some research, but it will be the city council which will be voted by the people so San Elizario to make that decision," said Sanchez.

"We’re going to get everything we can from other towns to get educated about how to have a good incorporated city," said Juarez.

Residents will choose a city government in May.

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