San Elizario could soon become a city


POSTED: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 9:10pm

San Elizario could soon incorporate as a city. As we've reported, the effort initiated after the former Socorro city council attempted to annex eight parcels of land adjacent to the historic district. Maya Sanchez, who is a fifth generation San Eli resident, is leading the process of incorporation…

“we actually started this group pretty much as soon as the annexation became public, we knew we were taking a risk but that was a risk we were willing to take for our community, and as of present day we’re now in the last three steps of what we need to do” Sanchez said.

Because the community is unincorporated Socorro and Clint would have to give approval, in addition, a petition with at least 50 signatures of registered voters must be turned to the county judge by August 26. If the judge approves it, it would then go to the voters in November.

“I truly believe this city council is leaning towards giving approval to San Elizario to be incorporated to become a town the city, I believe It’s in the best interest of the citizens of Socorro that we should not annex them” Socorro City Representative Rene Rodriguez mentioned.
One San Elizario tire shop owner says incorporation is needed.

“I support it because well anyway if Socorro grabs us the taxes are going to go up a little bit I mean way too high, this way they’re going to go up a little bit to a point where we can handle it as business owners or residents” Sera said.
Sanchez knows raising 20 thousand dollars for the project won't be easy but is willing to work hard to convince voters..

“We have a lot of money that we have to raise to pay for legal fees, land surveyor creating our city limits, all sorts of costs so we do have a big challenge ahead of us trying to raise 20 thousand dollars is not an easy task buy luckily we have the support of a lot of people so we’re confident they’ll be sympathetic to the cause and help us with those costs” Sanchez concluded.

Business owners in the historic San Elizario District preferred not to talk on camera and mentioned they oppose this effort because of the high costs and the possibility of a tax increase if the area is incorporated.

Socorro City Council will discuss the approval of San Elizario's incorporation process next Thursday.

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