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Sam's Club and IHOP to open in Northeast El Paso

Sam's Club and IHOP to open in Northeast El Paso

POSTED: Saturday, July 20, 2013 - 11:52pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 12:35pm

Urban revitalization efforts in Downtown El Paso have been gaining national attention -- with features in magazines like Forbes and the New York Times.

And the development is now rippling to other parts of town as well -- Northeast El Paso is welcoming some big-name businesses to their neighborhood.

"Sometimes people say they feel like they're the step-children of the City of El Paso. i'm here to say that there are positive things coming to Northeast El Paso and we're not step-children," said City Representative Carl Robinson.

Robinson said the goal is to make stores and restaurants more accessible for Northeast El Pasoans so they don't need to drive across town for them.

Construction at a site on Hondo Pass between US 54 and Dyer is in full swing.

And in just one month, an IHOP will open their doors to locals at the brand new location.

"We're very excited. We need some more activity on this side of town," said Clara Leija.

Wholesale retail giant, Sam's Club will also begin construction for a new Northeast location at the corner of US 54 and Diana, before the end of the year -- it's a project that's added to the excitement.

"Well that's good that we're getting a lot bigger names and a lot bigger stores -- people don't have to travel all the way to the East side and West side, and keep money over here in the Northeast," said Gabriel.

"Have all these places being built around here makes it a lot more convenient, and saves gas and traffic-wise it's a lot better, you know, we're close to home," said Ian.

In addition to the new Sam's Club and IHOP, Robinson said some time in the next 30 days, what used to be North Park Mall will soon be developed into apartments and condos with retail stores down below.   

And while many locals can't wait for more shopping, opponents mainly worry about more traffic congestion in that part of town.

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How can we start a patitchion I'd like to see a dog park like the one on the westside . We have the space here at the park (northhills) come on dog lovers lets get it going

when is the job fair in northeast and at what time

I lived in the northeast for over 50 years, When US 54 was being built and dirt was being taken from the are around transmoutain and sherden rd (War Road) we were all told that no one would ever build anything other then Gibsons out here.
For years I have supported who I could heere in the northeast but now being I am retired and can pick who I spend my money with will say that if it is futher south then Fred Wilson (601) then you do not get any thing from me.
Help support any groth you can!

What is wrong with Sam's and Wal-Mart? A Target might be nice but their goods are usually more expensive. How about a Chico's tacos on Transmountain & Dyer? Hmmmm

What about a Target Store??? Instead of Wal Marts.......

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