Safe rides home available for New Year's Eve celebrations

Safe rides home available for New Year's Eve celebrations
Monday, December 31, 2012 - 11:36pm

With New Year's Eve being one of the busiest party nights of the year, there are several services throughout the borderland what will help get New Year's revelers home safely.

With added patrol on the road, organizations like No D.U.I El Paso and Las Cruces Taxi Service in Las Cruces will be working New Year's Eve to help prevent any accidents on the road.

"Tonight we're going to have approximately 15 volunteers on standby to ensure that we can try to create the El Paso roadways as safe as possible," said Tyler Rouse, CEO of No D.U.I. El Paso.

The volunteer based non-profit organization will be providing free rides to those who might have had a little too much to drink and even driving the person's car home for them.

No D.U.I. has a number people can call give their information and will be picked up anywhere in the city.

Volunteers will run a safety inspection on the person's car before driving it.

"That covers everything from insurance, proper documentation and we do require that the individual is above the age of 21," Rouse said.

In Dona Ana County, Las Cruces Taxi Service, in partnership with the city and county, will be offering rides at only $5 for up to two people and $10 dollars for 3 or more.

The Las Cruces Taxi Service will also send a driver out to wherever the person is at and drive them anywhere within county limits.

"It keeps safe drivers on the road and people that have had a little too much to drink at least they get home safe and not cause any accidents out there," said Juan Barela, from the the taxi service.

No D.U.I El Paso

Las Cruces Taxi Service
575-524-TAXI (8294)

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