Roofing Company Dissatisfies Waiting Customer


POSTED: Monday, June 21, 2010 - 7:51pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 8:35am

EL PASO -- The company's name may be ASAP ROOFING, but eastside customer Pedro Arriola says the company hasn't moved quickly enough to fix his roof.

He says he paid a company nearly $5,000 three months ago to have his roof repaired, but the company is asking to give them a little more time.

Arriola says he signed the contract with and paid the company more than three months ago after he noticed water leaking into his house.

"Here we are June the 21st and nothing's been done," Arriola said.

We took a look at Arriola's contract and found a clause that says work should have been completed 60 days after the contract was signed. The money was paid and the work was agreed upon, but 108 days later the roof is untouched.

We spoke to William Wilson who said he is the owner of the company. He said the contract was signed by a former employee who, he says, was supposed to tell Mr. Arriola the company is backed up with repairs.

He acknowledged the work hasn't been done, apologized and guaranteed to us that the work would be done on July seventh - about two weeks from now.

"It's been paid. They should have done it because they keep giving me the run-a-round two weeks," Arriola said. "Oh well, another two weeks."

ASAP ROOFING from this story is a business located on Pellicano Drive. There is another business with a slightly different name that has periods separating the A-S-A-P. They are not affiliated with this story.

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