Rise in Obesity Among American Troops and Potential Recruits

Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 10:26pm

The US military is trimming the fat off its forces and denying American men and women from enlisting because they say applicants are too overweight.

Military data reveals the number of active-duty troops who are overweight or obese tripled from 1998 to 2010. According to The Washington Post, 1600 soldiers have been given the boot so far this year because they're too plump. Push 4 Fitness is a gym in El Paso that specifically trains soldiers and they say 90% of the troops who come in to the gym are "very de-conditioned and flat out very out of shape."

This "Battle of the Bulge" has prompted the military to develop much more multi-dimensional fitness programs for their troops. Fort Bliss released the following statement in response to the soldier fitness data:

"Our goal is to have the most fit, healthy, and resilient community in the nation… Commanders are responsible for developing mitigating strategies for soldiers facing fitness challenges...  This serves to maximize physical fitness for combat operations"

Fort Bliss has instituted the "Wellness Fusion Campus," which covers one square mile on West Fort Bliss and provides a variety of fitness-related services for soldiers, their family members, and the Department of Army Civilians.

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