Revenge of the Creepy Crawlers

Friday, October 1, 2010 - 4:31pm

Pest control experts are confirming what we first told you a few weeks ago - the bed bug problem is bad and getting worse.

The president of the El Paso Pest Control Association says local companies are being inundated with calls to treat bed bugs.

Known as the perfect hitchhiker, it latches on, reproduces at a high rate, and hides in corners and crevices in your home.

"They can attack any home, they have no prejudice," said Jerry Greenwood, owner of Amix pest control. He said calls for bed bug treatments have gone up almost 50%. But getting rid of the pests is not as easy as a phone call.

"It's not just a one time process, you can't just walk in and spray and then say we're done," he said. "This is a process week after week."

He says be aware; check your luggage before you leave town for the bugs and check your home nightly with your eyes, hands, and nose for not only the bugs, but also for the blood.

"You want to smell that if it smells like iron, like rust," Greenwood said.

"With the influx on international travel and public awareness, we really have seen quite a few increases in calls," said Orkin branch manager Jed Horn. He says last year they only had about three calls a month for bed bugs; now they get as many as twelve calls a month.

"They do not discriminate, cleanliness is not an issue," Horn said.

The problem is becoming so big here that the Pest Control Association is holding a meeting for local pest companies to learn new ways to treat the bugs.

"Our industry is focused on this critter," Lagos said.

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