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Restructuring Fort Bliss


POSTED: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 5:08pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 9:47pm

The 1st Armored Division's Third Brigade is being dissolved due to an army restructuring plan.
many installations will lose soldiers.

Fort Bliss is Kevin Anton's 4th duty station in a year.  He's a Second Lietenant in the 3rd infantry.

"I'm kinda sad to see it go, but we're just going to keep doing the missions we receive," Anton said.

Anton's not even sure if he'll be deploying at the end of the year when he was scheduled.

"It's not certain who's going where or what missions are coming down the pipe that's all up in the air, but whatever come our way, but whatever we get we're gonna do it well," he said.

Fort Bliss said everyone in the Bulldog Brigade will go on as usual for at least another year.
Anton and his fellow soldiers will deploy, but after that all bets are off.

There are more than 35,400 soldiers on Fort Bliss. That number will decrease during the next five to seven years, not because of sequestration but because of other planned cuts

"When Leon Paneta was Secretary of Defense, he wanted to go to a more expeditionary focused force," said Fort Bliss Spokesperson Mayjor Joe Buccino.

That was part of the Defense Budget Control Act of 2011.
The Army will reduce its size by 80,000 soldiers.
Now2,000 Fort Bliss soldiers will be moved to other brigades.
Fifteen-hundred to other installations in the U.S.

Tthe greater concern is that if sequestration goes into fiscal year 14 we will have to rapidly accelerate this process and cut additional forces," Buccino said.

In all, only 750 Fort Bliss soldiers' jobs will be lost and that will be done, mostly, by not allowing soldiers to re-enlist.

White Sands Missile Range won't fare nearly as well as Fort Bliss.
Their force is being reduced by 98 percent.
They'll go from 546 soldiers to 11.


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