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Restaurant adds health care surcharge to customers bill

Friday, February 21, 2014 - 2:57pm

Well this is a new one, a restaurant in California is adding a 3% surcharge to bills and we're not even talking about the tip, Kimberly Cheng has more.

When you get your bill at Republique restaurant in Hancock Park you can see the cost of your meal, the tax, and additional 3% surcharge which the owners say helps pay for employees health insurance.

"I feel like we already pay a lot to begin with by eating in these establishments. I feel like they should take care of their employees themselves."

Customers were sounding off on Yelp too.

"How dare you 3% surcharge' to my bill. We spent $150 for two of us and you want me to pay an extra 3% because I can afford to eat here then I should be able to afford that fee? Absurd!"

The restaurant declined an interview, but released a statement that said in part: "It directly benefits all the staff kitchen and front of the house. Moreover, it enables us to make all of out staff full time and to provide them with insurance instead of excluding them as they would if they were part time employees."

Under the Affordable Care Act, employees would be required to pay for their health insurance, but a restaurant spokesperson tells us this nothing to do with Obamacare mandates.

Restaurant spokesperson, "It's not just taking care of myself, my coworkers that you see in the front, but also the cooks in the back. Every business has an overhead, and the only distance is we're rarely upfront. "

Kimberly Cheng, "Would this affect your decision to dine here?"

Customer, "Yeah, it's beginning to. I didn't know about it before now and I think I would think twice about it. I really would."

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