Resignation Rumors Put to Rest

POSTED: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 - 6:49pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 2:22pm

County Judge Addresses Media

EL PASO--- County Judge Anthony Cobos vehemently denied he was resigning from his position, despite weeks of rumors attesting to the opposite.

"I believe the county has more important issues to deal with than rumors and gossip. But after two weeks of this, I think that now is finally the time to respond," said County Judge Anthony Cobos.

Cobos made it clear at a news conference held Wednesday afternoon he will not be resigning from his seat.

He then wasted no time in firing back at those he believes spread the rumor.

"I credit and believe that these rumors and gossip originated from Commissioner Escobar," he said.

Cobos told reporters he believed County Commisioner Veronica Escobar started the rumors after requesting a legal opinion from County Attorney Jose Rodriguez.

In that opinion, she asked about the procedure should a county judge resign, and if a county commissioner can be appointed to the office.

Cobos shortly thereafter made a similar request, so as to "learn if the County Attorney's and Commissioner Escobar's offices were communicating inappropriately."

Cobos believes Escobar released attorney-client privileged information when she told Newspaper Tree reporter David Crowder of Cobos' request.

While Commissioner Escobar has expressed interest in running for county judge in the past, in an interview with NewsChannel 9, Escobar said the rumor didn't start with her.

She said the rumor was the reason she asked for the legal opinion in the first place.

"I know for a fact that the County Judge's Chief of Staff spoke to people, other elected officials about it, as if it were imminent. So that's just why I thought we should be prepared," she said.

We asked Cobos if his Chief of Staff, Jaime O. Perez, did tell other elected officials of a possible Cobos resignation.

"To the best of my... first of all, I had had no plans to resign. So... that's... that question can't be answered," he said.

Cobos also pointed fingers at media outlets El Paso Times and Newspaper Tree reporter David Crowder and chastised him at the news conference.

"In my opinion, you are not an objective news source Mr. Crowder. You are a compromised news reporter and you report on gossip and rumors."

Crowder responded, "I think we do credible journalism. I have a wall full of awards for it, and so, I'm not into tabloid journalism."

Cobos' term is up in two years.

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