Residents Without Water For 8 Days


POSTED: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 6:20pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 12:08pm

MESILLA PARK - Neighbors in the Dove Canyon mobile park have been without water for eight days now.

The landlord says we have no idea what it's been like for her. Meanwhile her renters are angry, saying she doesn't know what it's like for them.

"We've been without water for 8 days today," said Belem Martinez said. "We have to go buy water, bottled water, gallons."

She's spent at least $100 on bottled water, but she's spent more time trying to contact her landlord.

"We've called her, we've gone to the office, and no contact at all we can't get ahold of her," Martinez said. "It's not right, just like she demands rent on time we demand for things to be done."

"I have 4 kids, they all need to get showered, we need to clean our house," said neighbor Eliana Munoz.

"Absolutely not clean, even when we go and take our showers elsewhere, coming home, just the fact that nothing is clean," said yet another neighbor, Mary Acosta.

The majority of the 115 neighbors here are furious because they say the landlord hasn't been around.

We called the Las Cruces water department and they say everything is fine on their end. We managed to reach the landlord; she says their pipes are breaking, their valves aren't working, and plumbers aren't available. She also says it'll still take some time for everything to be fixed - an answer these neighbors don't want to hear.

"If the water situation is no better, then what? Where do I go?" Acosta asked.

Some of the renters say they have water slowly coming out of their faucets. Another said it was going on and off. We'll keep you posted.

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This was an unbelievable situation of pure negelect on the part of the onsite manager and Dana Point based owners, Summit Gardens. Amazing as it seems, as soon as the media left, water was on! How does that work. I say an immediate replacement of management is in order. Thank goodness for channel 9 news. Who knows how long the water would still be turned off.

We here at Mountainview Apartments have been without water about the same time frame. With the same excuses. To make matters worst, they have been raising the rent rates, threw all of the satilite dishes off the roof without the renters permission and/or without notifing the owners to remove them, come claim them or that they were even going to throw them off the roof. What is going to be next El Paso? Tell me so I can get the hell out of this town.

We have become a third-world nation.

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