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Residents continue cleanup after Columbus microburst

Residents continue cleanup after Columbus microburst
Wednesday, July 24, 2013 - 5:27pm

Residents of the small border village of Columbus, New Mexico continue their cleanup efforts after a microburst Tuesday evening ripped through a part of town damaging several homes.

The National Weather Service said the storm has the characteristics of a wet microburst that can produce hurricane force winds of 90 mph.

"I just thank god my boy is ok and that everybody is ok," said Village Mayor Nicole Lawson, who had the roof off her home blown off.

The NWS said the wet microburst hit at about 6:30pm and seemed to be concentrated at the southeastern part of the village.

Debris and mangled metal from roofs could be seen scattered throughout the area and in some cases as far as 500 yards from the home.

"There was a couple of mobile homes that were severely damaged and overturned," said Luna County Sheriff Raymond Cobos.

One of those mobile homes was picked up off the ground and dropped about 50 feet from where it was installed.

The home was completely gutted but nobody was inside.

"Fortunately, nobody was hurt," Cobos said.

The town was without power immediately after the storm and was restored early Wednesday morning.

Deming electric companies were seen disconnecting services from damaged homes to make sure those cleaning up were safe.

Neighbors could be seen helping neighbors throughout the region.

"That's Columbus for you," Lawson said. "You don't have to ask."

The Village of Columbus is asking residents to come forward and report damages or lost homes.

The Department of Agriculture, the Department of Rural Development and Red Cross are asking the town to gather information in order to help villagers who are in need of assistance.

The village needs basic information that can be dropped off at city hall.

Village of Columbus City Hall
214 Broadway
(575) 532-2663

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