Reservoir overflows sending water into streets and homes in Central El Paso

Reservoir overflows sending water into streets and homes in Central El Paso

POSTED: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 9:46pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 4:28pm

Flooding in Central El Paso caused by heavy rains damaged many homes in that part of town on Wednesday.

According to officials from El Paso Water Utilities, two reservoirs near I-10 and Piedras meant to trap runoff from the mountains overflowed, and sent water rushing in the streets and nearby homes.

"It was probably like 6:30AM when the water just started pouring down, like coming down the stream, down Cebada Street and it just started rising and rising and rising more, and I said 'We're going to start flooding," said Aracely Sanchez.

Sanchez said she spent the rest of her Wednesday cleaning up after that flooding - and she wasn't the only one.

Residents in her neighborhood were overwhelmed by the large amounts of water flooding their streets, pouring into their homes, and damaging their property.

"There was about an inch and a half of water inside the house - the house over there," said Eduardo Castro.

Central El Paso wasn't the only neighborhood hit hard by the heavy rainfall.

Drivers in the Lower Valley ran into their fair share of slick roads and deep puddles, as well.

"El Paso is not necessarily the best drivers, you know what I mean, we're not exactly a big city so, we don't really understand how to work with each other, so that's what makes me really nervous and frustrated really," said Kiara Escarciga.

But for the most part, residents in the area said they didn't mind having to drive in the rain.

"I actually enjoy it. I think that we should have more rain more often, you know?" said Jaime Mendoza.

"I'm used to driving in the rain. I grew up in California so it's not a big deal for me," said Francisco Lopez.

"Just drive carefully and avoid speeding and slowing down excessively fast but no, I like this weather," said Zoleil Escarciga.

EP Water Utilities said they are currently working on several multi-million dollar stormwater improvement projects that are expected to be completed in the next few years.

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What we have is a bunch of incompetent people that do not understand how to prioritize the need when it comes to storm water prevention, early intervention and disaster relief work. When peoples homes are getting repeatedly flooded and when our main freeway gets extremely flooded over and over then to me that is the definition of incompetence on the part of the city and our storm water utility. Heads need to roll and this cannot happen AGAIN!

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