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Rep. Lilly Bothered by EP Electric CEO Pay Raise


POSTED: Monday, March 28, 2011 - 5:11pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 8:46am

EL PASO – The CEO of El Paso Electric is getting a major raise, and some city leaders are not happy about it.

Just weeks after the utility company came under fire for power plant failures and rolling blackouts that crippled the city early February, EP Electric approved a $100,000 raise for its CEO, David Stevens.

One city representative said, she doesn't get it.

“I am bothered because...I think the longest lasting blackouts were in district one and my constituents are still upset. They still remember four days without electricity,” said City Representative Ann Morgan Lilly.

But the company stands by its decision to give Stevens a raise. In a written statement, Teresa Souza with EP Electric said,

“After reviewing David Stevens' performance in 2010, the compensation committee of the board determined that an increase in his compensation was fair and appropriate.”

Meantime, El Paso Electric is being investigated by the city, state and federal authorities, over how it handled the freeze.

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Well city council how about you tear into their business and allow other competitors of electricity to come into el paso. Your the one that has the control on that not EPEC.

Competitors equal competitive rates to help drive down cost. Stop your crying if your not smart enough to figure this out.

Your the ones that allows EPEC to have monopoly of electricity in this area just like you only allow TW to be the only coaxil cable company in el paso. Ever heard of comcast? lol

Perhaps Ms Lilly should go work for the private sector. Prior to the blackouts, Mr Stevens, according to the board had done an outstanding job, and got conpensated for it. Perhaps we should start paying our elected reps the same way, perhaps they would make some solid decisions for the city they were elected to represent, not just boneheades political/partisan decisions.

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