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POSTED: Friday, May 27, 2011 - 9:35pm

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"Some days I can't come in here at all. If I'm having a hard day I can't come in here," said Yvette Duchene.

For her, a newly remodeled den is a place of comfort and pain.

The walls hold mementos of the brave life her son lived but also how he died.

"Time does not heal all wounds as people think it does. Not for the death of your child," said Duchene.

8 months ago, Sr. Airman Daniel, "Danny" Sanchez, 23, was killed in Afghanistan.

As a combat controller, Danny called air strikes for a Special Forces Team.

Duchene said she now knows these elite soldiers share a unique bond.

"Through his death I've learned that people do have hearts and these guys, they really are brothers," said Duchene.

In Afghanistan, Danny was deployed with a group of Army Green Berets.

 The moment they returned to the U.S. four of them drove straight to El Paso.

"They didn't get to say goodbye. They took my son away right away and they had to stay there and continue fighting," said Duchene.

His fellow soldiers visited Danny's memorial at Montwood High School and then his grave.

"When I saw them in tears crying at Daniel's grave site, I knew that they needed this more than I did," said Duchene.

They were by Danny's side when he passed and told the family what happened.

"It was very tough for each and every one of us to hear what took our baby away. But I think we really needed to hear it. It helped us," Duchene said.

The men described Danny as their motivator because he was always smiling.

Videos in Danny's camera are only part of all the things Duchene has to remember and honor her son.

 This Memorial Day she can only hope people don't forget what he and other soldiers have sacrificed.

She said, "This is a beautiful country and it is so because of people like my son, his brothers and everyone else who has passed and those that are still out there fighting."

Danny's fellow soldiers bought Duchene and her son tickets to visit them in Orlando for Memorial Day. There Duchene will meet a soldier who was shot along with Danny but survived. They will also hold a ceremony for Danny and another combat controller killed in action.

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From the Urantia Book.

188:5.7 The cross makes a supreme appeal to the best in man because it discloses one who was willing to lay down his life in the service of his fellow men. Greater love no man can have than this: that he would be willing to lay down his life for his friends — and Jesus had such a love that he was willing to lay down his life for his enemies, a love greater than any which had hitherto been known on earth.

Yvette...I pray the Lord will someday give you the peace you deserve...I know that is what Danny wishes for you...

Rober W. Miller
USAF CCT Retired

Hey Mama

You will be ok. Time does not heal all wounds, but little by little the pain will ease . . . it will never go away though.

Remember that children are only "loaned" and they all belong to God because what comes to this earth must be returned to God.

Just pray for his soul and pray for our other soldier's still left to finish the job.

God Bless America and God Bless Our Troops!

Go Yvette, go! We never forget the loss of our children. We move step by step each day, because we know we have to keep going and provide for the ones left here. God gives us the ability to do that. Our memories will never leave us that we can be sure of for life. You have many memories as I do and you have helped his friends to deal with their loss. Prayers for you and yours. God bless you Yvette. Go girl, go! Every step you take honors Danny and shows your courage.

What a strong woman and mother. I think it is so wonderful that she is there for her son's fellow soldiers as much as they are there for her.
And this article would have been ALOT better if someone would have either proofread it or learned proper spelling and grammar! Come on KTSM!

It is good to see the mother of a fallen soldier who honors her son's service. I am happy to hear Yvette Duchene's comments, and those of his fellow soldiers.

After all the ugly press from the ungrateful mother of Casey Sheehan, (who was dishonored by his mother) it refreshing to hear a mother who understands that life is bigger than herself.

My heart and prayers go out to her,the Duchene family, and Danny's fellow soldiers.

Have a blessed Memorial day!

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