Relief for the Philippines is on its way

Relief for the Philippines is on its way
Junar Lasala-ktsm
Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 7:24pm

Local church to send thousands of dollars to help Typhoon Haiyan victims

When the Philippines began preparing for typhoon Haiyan, many knew a strong storm was coming, but no one could have predicted that one of the strongest storms to make landfall anywhere would have wrought such widespread destruction.

It’s been two weeks since the devastating typhoon hit the Philippine Islands, clean up and recovery has finally started.

It has been difficult to provide immediate help.

But one local says after what felt like an eternity. She has finally been able to get in contact with her family.

I was able to contact my family from Isabel Layte, they are alive,” said Reilynne Padua, Red Cross volunteer, who’s family was devastated in the Philippines.

Pauda said she had been anxiously waiting by her phone hoping she would soon get a phone call from her grandparents with good news.

And two days ago that’s exactly what happened.

“I was really worried, I mean I was on the news almost every day asking for more information if they know anything about my family,” said Padua.

Padua explained because the typhoon crushed everything in its path, it took out airports and seaports making it more difficult to send immediate help to the islands.

“Food is very low, there’s no water electricity is nothing,” she said. “It’s been 12 to 14 days now and my family in Isabel, Leyte have been devastated by their spirits are high.”

Here in El Paso, an eastside church continues to fundraise money for the recovery efforts.

The pastor of the church said thousands of dollars will be sent to the islands this weekend to provide the much needed food and water.

“We were able to raise 7 thousand dollars cash,” said Pastor of Heart for the World Fil-Am Church. “So we are sending that straight to the agencies over there who are waiting right now and what they are going to do is buy food at this time.”

While people in the Philippines are anxiously waiting to leave the islands, Padua said there is still hope and help is on its way.

“You can go to our house in Isabel, Leyte and charge your phones and tell your families that you are ok, you are alive,” said Padua. “So it’s light in the darkness, but at least there is a little light.”

Harley Davidson of El Paso is partnering with Heart for the World Fil-Am Church this weekend.
They will be holding a fundraiser Nov. 23-24 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Rudy’s BBQ and Whataburger will provide food to the first 200 people who donate.

Also, a karaoke fundraiser will be held this Sunday at the Santa Lucia Church Hall
Sunday Nov. 24 to benefit the victims in Typhoon Haiyan.

For more information on this event, contact Mel Castillo 915-203-2058.



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