Recall Supporters Gather Signatures Outside Of Church Celebration


POSTED: Sunday, September 4, 2011 - 6:12pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 11, 2011 - 11:13pm

EL PASO - It's a move that's sure to be controversial. People who support the recall of Mayor John Cook and City Representatives Susie Byrd and Steve Ortega gathered signatures today outside of a church celebration.

The recall supporters set-up right outside of St. Anthony's Seminary to gather signatures for the recall petition. They want the Mayor and two City Representatives kicked out of office for restoring health benefits to gay and domestic partners of city workers after voters took them away. Local Pastor and church leader Tom Brown is spearheading the recall.

The District Attorney's Office launched an investigation into the effort. The DA says state law prohibits churches from getting involved in a recall election.

One recall supporter told us he's just exercising his right to free speech.

"Everything that's being done right here is just in accordance with the teaching of the church and also the common good. It's nothing new. It's just individual people setting up and standing up, and that's it," Jorge Armendariz said.

Attorneys for Pastor Tom Brown, who was not seen today at the church bazaar, have argued that the DA's investigation is politically motivated. They also say the recall effort is not an issue about gay rights, but rather the will of the voters.

Inside Saint Anthony's Bazaar there was no political activism, just church members having a good time.

People enjoyed all the fun and good Mexican food the church offered, and what made it even better was Sunday's cooler temperatures.

"Everybody's having a good time because the weather is very calm. There's a lot of sun and everybody's enjoying all the activities, fun and games that are out here," Oscar Velasquez said.

The church festival has been going on since Saturday, and it will end Monday at 11pm.

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The "BIG PICTURE" in all of this is that Commies Cook, Byrd, & Ortega NULLIFIED the results of a DEMOCRATIC ELECTION! Dictators like in Syria, Cuba, Iran, etc. do crap like this. Tons of U.S. Military men and women have died for the freedoms we have in this Democratic country. I feel sorry for all of those "Sexually Challenged People" and I HOPE THINGS WORK FOR THEM BUT NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF OUR DEMOCRATIC WAY OF LIFE. These people should be afforded disability assistance

liljon your assumptions about me are wrong but this because you are "Challenged" in certain areas and are not able to analyze things clearly and you are ready to call me and others "Names". I don't know of anyone who can have sex all the is your type of perverted sex activities that makes you live that type of lifestyle that is abnormal. Man on man...woman on women...REALLY ! I really feel sorry for all those "Sexually Challenged" people and I wish them well.

bertram888 you are the one who makes this an issue by thinking that all gay people do is have sex. You say it yourself that you dont want to fund our "sex activities", since when is this about sex you moronic homophobe. Get your mind out of our bedrooms and get a clue. Why are you so interested in our sexlives? People like you just fan the fire of hate because of your own inadequacies. If you represent what is 'Normal" then thank GOD I am 'Abnormal".

Those "Sexually Challenged" people like to say that us "Straight People" are bigots, homophobic, etc. Because they ARE "Challenged", they fail to realize that the just weren't born "Normal" and we don't care what they do behind closed doors...and don't expect us to fund your personal "sex activities" I heard that they can apply for disability medical care because of their abnormal condition.

Perhaps there is a solution to the gay problem? Their application for being "Sexually Challenged" might qualify them for health benefits. Everyone knows that they simply weren't born "Normal" and is should (perhaps) be easy for them to get this assistance with Mayor Cook' (& his 2 cornies). I am not a bigot, I simply don't want "Challenged People" telling me how to live my life.

The will of the voters is just a mask to hide behind the real issue, HATE. All your knowledge on constitutional rights,politics, ,intellect etc. does not make it any better. Hate is hate. People's interpretation of the Bible somehow gives them a sense of entitlement to want to pass judgement on others when there is only one Judge in this universe. 1113 how do you know what is natural law? What is natural for you may not be natural for someone else. What is against God is hate for one another.

It has nothing to do with hate. Obviously there is a lot of hate on your side of the fence. I have no problems with people being gay and their lifestyles. What I have a problem with is when you want me to pay for that lifestyle with my hard earned taxpayer dollars. If you want medical benefits for your gay/same sex partner then pay for it like the rest of us do. It is not a constitutional right.

i really hope you guys didn't get any bunch of bigots..and you call yourselves Christians,,,shame on you

Dictator Mayor Cook, Ortega,& Byrd laugh in the faces of El Pasoans, Military men & women who have fought and died for this country so that we can enjoy our Democratic way of life. The 3 of them nullified the voting results on this issue...that is Un-American and 100% Commie. The District Attry should launch an investigation on Cook and his 2 cronies for authorizing the expenditure of City Tax Funds for health coverage for people who are NOT legally entitled to per the "Judge's ruling.

"The DA says state law prohibits churches from getting involved in a recall election."

Did the DA actually say this or was he misquoted? The Texas Elections Code says nothing specifically about churches getting involved in a recall election effort. It refers to corporations and labor organizations. And if they did it is a First Amendment issue well settled in case law. If the DA decides to prosecute I see a cause of action under 42 U.S.C. 1983 for deprivation of constitutional rights.

The DA said churches can be considered corporations when interviewed about the investigation a few weeks ago.

§ 253.091. CORPORATIONS COVERED. This subchapter applies only to corporations that are organized under the Texas Business Corporation Act, the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act, federal law, or law of another state or nation.

See above on what the Texas Elections Code says. Tom Brown, Tom Brown Ministries or Word of Life Church are not incorporated for profit or non-profit entities per the above so how does the DA prosecute under § 253.094(b)(c)? What the DA said doesn't make sense.

I am glad someone is letting our elected officials know that they are entrusted to do the will of the people and not whatever they want.

Buh-Bye suzie byrd, steve ortega, and john cook.
At least dan haggerty and sergio lewis got the message for the county.

anybody know a way to sign the recall petition on-line?

Why do straight people feel they are now the moral majority when it comes to this subject. Why cant people understand that gay men and women who want to be married just want the same rights straight couples take for granted. If the moral majority is so self righteous why is there so much divorce, infidelity,abuse, etc. amongst the heterosexual world. God certainly didnt intend for marriage be tarnished in this way. No one has the right to judge another person, none of us are without sin.

The Texas Constitution bans same sex marriage or alternative arrangement schemes. So the majority has spoken and rules. Getting medical and other benefits from your employer whether private or government is not a constitutional rights issue. If gays want to get married no one is stopping them as long as it is in state where it is permitted. Also, most private employers will deny or terminate your dependent medical coverage unless you can prove you are legally married pursuant to state law.

liljon sometimes I wonder why people post when they are not informed on the issue either politically, intellectually & most important biblically. Bible: God created man and woman (Adam & Eve)they "pro-create", they become "one". Homosexuality is against natural law which in return is against God. Politically, this mayor threw out the votes of the people who voted for Traditional Family Values, this is illegal. Intellectually, read the constituition & see how this mayor is acting like a king.

I hope we're close to having enough signatures. What a do nothing mayor we have.

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