Rally For Education


POSTED: Saturday, April 2, 2011 - 6:01pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 4, 2011 - 3:28pm

EL PASO - Public education funding is still on the State Legislature's chopping block, and that has a lot of people worried. That's why public educators from local districts came together Saturday afternoon.

Members of the Ysleta, El Paso, Socorro and Clint Teacher's Associations are worried for their jobs and local children. They say state budget cuts could mean more students in one classroom and fewer teachers. El Paso Independent School District already cut 116 jobs, and they're not done. That's why the teacher's associations tried to send a unified message to state leaders.

"I think this is the worst we've ever seen. We are in crisis mode right now. This is critical. They're proposing $9 billion in cuts for public education. We cannot have this happen in this state," Glenda Hawthorne said.

We're told billions statewide would trickle down to tens-of millions in cuts for local districts.

"They're proposing $42 million in cuts, 42 million in dollars from a 280 million dollar budget would be devastating to a school district," Socorro Independent School District Superintendent Xavier De La Torre said.

De La Torre says that's flat out not fair for students already cheated by the states funding formula.

"A school district around the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas receives $8,300 per student from the State of Texas, in revenue, where as a child in the El Paso area receives closer to five-thousand dollars," he said.

Many protestors here and across the state are now asking the legislature to spend all $9.4 billion in the state's rainy day fund and find other revenue sources to keep schools at full strength.

"Our future is our children, and our children need a strong public education. Our constitution, our state constitution, states that this state will provide that education to these students," Hawthorne said.

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It's not about the teachers or Mexican nationals. It's about the students.We need to reduce class sizes if we are to increase student achievement. We need to HIRE MORE TEACHERS, not fire them.

Texas is a rich state that can give its students a top-flight education.
What this is about is giving tax cuts to the very rich! All over the country, Republican governors are giving tax cuts to the rich and firing teachers and other government workers to pay for those tax cuts.


Cut some to of those top heavy jobs that pay over $100,000 per year. Just one of those jobs could pay for 3 Teachers or 5 aids. Save the jobs of those who actually work with the kids. None of those jobs got cut, good job teachers unions. What good are they?

So EPISD gets 5k for every student.So let me get this straight. Where are the taxes from illegal immigrant childrens parents? Those taxes that we are missing is what funds your childrens edu. so why are you allowing this to happen?

No wonder why our state has a edu. budget crisis. This can't continue because now your hurting the children of this country. EPISD obviously doesn't care about the ramifications they cause in the larger picture.

this goes for all schools in EP, its a shame

I don't know about other districts, but EPISD could start with cutting Garcia's salary that they just gave him and take away his bonuses and perks. He makes close to $300,000., $18,000. car allowance, $6,000. cell phone allowance, bonus for TAKS results, and pays his housing/clothes. They say they have cut jobs where in fact, all they have done is place them in other jobs with less pay. Wake up El Paso - your being taken for a ride!

I put my boy in home school 2 years ago,
he is now 2 years ahead,
he has taken the taks test from the internet
and has scored 98% or better,
the sistem is called time for learning and cost
20.00 per month I pay 25,000 a year in property
taxes,there is no shortage of news of corruption in the school districts especially in the district
I pay my taxes to, how do you think I feel about
public education.

Why do our legislators continue to protect the Manifestos for Mexican nationals? Texas can ill afford to reimburse the Sales Tax to Mexican nationals that are now living in El Paso.

The education of our children is paramount. Our children need us now.....eliminate the Manifestos that do not benefit our children.

I agree. Not only that but illegal immigrant children in general need to be dismissed from the school system. Its obvious it cannot hand out free education to them anymore.

While we are at it how about we regulate their foreign vehicles as well. Everyone else pays for state inspection and their texas plates but they dont have to even though they live here over a year. Talk about violating state laws of emmisions control as well.

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