Rain damaging roofs, halting repairs

Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 8:51pm

Not only have monsoon season storms caused dangerous and expensive leaks throughout the Borderland, they're also making it impossible for construction crews to work on roof repairs.

"I’m always having to change appointments, watch the weather and go from there," said David Hoover, a construction consultant who has worked in roofing for 17 years.

"Anytime we do a roof, it’s always dependent on the weather first."

Even intermittent sprinkles can halt repair jobs, leaving weak spots and leaks exposed to even more rain damage. The problem, according to Hoover, is that construction crews can't tear apart roofs to fix anything when it's raining.

"If rain is imminent, we stop work, cover it up and go from there."

One of his workers, Victor Martinez, said the process of "covering it up" can be complicated and expensive.

"We have to secure everything: all the pipes [and] all the vents we open up."

This can set repair jobs back several days, and applies to all types of roofs: flat, pitched, commercial and residential. Hoover said people can avoid this ordeal by making sure their roofs are in good condition before monsoon season begins.

"Most people don’t realize they have leaks until it starts raining. They forget about their roofs, then all of a sudden monsoon season hits and, as happy as I am that we're popular at that point, [having to call us] is something that can be avoided."

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