Racist Sign Sparks Outrage in Northeast El Paso


POSTED: Friday, October 28, 2011 - 7:58pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 4:03pm

EL PASO - A disturbing sign is sparking outrage from some residents in a Northeast El Paso neighborhood.

Neighbors called Newschannel 9 to complain about a yard sign they say is not just disturbing-- but offensive.

Part of the sign reads: "Halloween 2011. No blacks welcomed to trick or treat."

We tried to knock on the door of the house, but were stopped by a locked gate, and nobody inside responded when we asked for an interview. Instead, we spoke with the African-American family that lives next door to where the sign is posted.

"...these are just children. That is what the spirit is for, is for the children. Even if you don't want black kids around your children, you don't have to advertise it,” said Andre Sherman.

At this time, it's unclear if the homeowner put the sign there, or is even aware that it's there. 

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You know it's sad but Mexicans in EL Paso are very racist, Not all but the majority of the ones I have encountered are. I have been in the military 20 years and never seen anything close in the deep south of America, villages of Afghanistan, cities of Iraq or towns of Germany. Saddest part is Mexicans have a large genetic make up of European, Asian, and African, to hate anyone is to hate them self. Worst place I have been it's no place to move for diversity, culture or mutual respect of others.

I was stationed in El Paso with the military in 1995 and I saw a sign one time that read,..No dogs, no cats, no coons, and no Niggers,. (Notice Niggers was at the bottom) I am from the south and never saw anything like that til I got to El Paso.

I seen some of the worst racism I 've ever experienced in El Paso Texas from the Mexicans there, worst than white folks. I was really surprised after getting stationed out there. mainly about there daughters dating black soldiers.

I was stationed in El Paso in the Military back in 95 and I couldn't believe how racist the Mexicans were towards blacks. They didn't want their daughters dating black soldiers, but was ok for them to date white soldiers. they were clearly racist. I met a Mexican girl there who should have been my wife, if it weren't for the blatant racism.

I like El Paso. Has its problems like all cities, but we're getting more cosmopolitan by the day. Fun shopping in ethnic stores. Funny how my visitors feel safe walking in the evening. We use good sense and pray for the Border Patrol. No we don't speak a lot of Spanish, yet, mostly the polite words. We do speak some German and French, met new friends. And practicing up on my American Sign Language. What an adventure! My mama once said, "Love don't divide, it multiplies."

That is not only disgusting to me......but am embarassed for those so called people that live there. I would like to apologize on behalf of those ignorant people....they are the ones I would consider NOT WELCOME!!!

Does any one have the live video when they interviewed the home owner on their DVR or recorded in anyway?

I want this original video to been seen so this does not happen again.

Please email me at:


Subject Title the email: Racist Sign in El Paso.

Thank you


I am not surprised at all by this sign. Being a Black American and being a 3rd generation native to El PI at 47 have seen it first hand, my 23 yr old son has, as well.
I can say, my move to South Carolina has been a wonderful change and Not Once have I come across an unkind person and I am in the SOUTH. I have sat with and had normal everyday conversations with White Americans in their 80's.
They get it here, what was is no longer and what is, works very well, in the South.

Not to put to fine a point on it, but any Mexican living in America at this point in history who could watch the local and national news and then put up a sign that says " no blacks " ? This woman must be in complete denial and have no cultural or self awareness and perhaps needs to check her facts. Been out of El Paso lately?

Who are these people? Rip down the sign & let the owner claim responsibility. If it's just a threat by an a hiding coward, then, let it stay down. If anyone claims IT and their right to free speech & press, at least we will know who it is. Could it be that this person or people are hermits with no ties to society (obviously socially unfit, & unable to assimilate) and that they feel superior to everyone. Do they not rub elbows with society that they might fear encountering retaliation?.

Obviously the individual who put up this sign is not a "native El Pasoan". El Pasoans are kind, respectful people. We love our City because of its diversity. We love our Servicemen/women in Ft Bliss who do an outstanding job protecting our freedom. My African American brothers and sisters, we are one, and we will not accept bigoted racist hatred. Lets find the culprit(s) and take them to court. This insulting act must be punished.

I had my heart broken in El Paso, I fell in love with a Mexican girl, but her parents told her they would kick her out of the family if she married me. This was back in 1995, maybe its changed but I doubt it.

omg people your to sensitive..get over it..

getting over it is the worst thing you could do. racism shouldn't be tolerated even on the smallest scale, can you imagine being an 8 yr old african american kid out on halloween and seeing a sign like that? i have to say, I'm probably half your age, and I find your apathy to be quite disturbing.

You're right. She is obviously deluded. Who in their right mind would go near that house to ask for anything, especially anything edible! No blacks? I'm crushed. What on earth will the black people do. Bye the way, is that just for "blacks not of Hispanic origin" Lol!

Damn what's wrong with these people. what is this world coming to

This is truly sad to see and hear about in this day and age but why should anyone be alarmed at this when there are so many people trying to get our mayor and two representatives fired for doing the right thing and include everyone. Hate is hate it just hits closer to home when you happen to be the targeted group of the moment. Thats why God says to love your enemy not judge your enemy.

It appears that the martinez , rosas and mefale families each had a rep. put a signature on the sign, so I would think that they know it is there. What does it read after "In The United States of America" (---). I wonder if this is a case of more Army GI's moving to the area or more mexican nationals moving from mexico. El Paso had better be ready for a radical change, very soon, gone will be the safety and peace we all know today. HOW SAD :(

I think this is someone's idea of a practical joke, not too funny, at least not to me, offensive, I do not think so, not everyone is prejudice, however this is a choice, an this is part of free speech, as well as PRIVATE PROPERTY. I am betting someone is joking around, in POOR TASTE, especially halloween is mostly a day for kids. More information is needed. And if it's true, well that's unfortunate.

just reading this, thank goodness for dvr. Anyway, having served my country most especially for freedom of speech (and does that include all freedoms of expression?), I feel such a kooky sign on private property is lawful. Some religous groups have a non-violent practice that might apply here. It's called shunning. Like everyone ignoring everything about the house. If it was not a joke. This may be more effective than u think. No good filthy-foul litterbugs anyway.

There is no room in El Paso for that, take it with you where ever you come from, and I hope you are not from El Paso most of the population in El Paso comes from another race other than white and we know how it is to feel the prejudice, we will not condone anyone bringing that on us or any other El Pasoan again ever, so take it away and don't get caught.

I wonder if any of those soldiers (13) that were killed in kabul yesterday were black

This is just so wrong and very un El Paso, I doubt who ever put this racist sign is not a native El Pasoan.
We dont need this kinda stuff here, Blacks are welcomed in El Paso.

And thats what happens when you inbreed.

I wonder how they would feel if someone posted a sign that read "no hispanics/mexicans allowed to trick or treat".

Typical knee jerk reaction by the media as always. It's obvious from the look of the other signs that this sign was put there by someone other than the owner of the property, who probably doesn't even know the sign is there. And the media instead of investigating they have already condemned this property owner. No doubt a poor attempt of a bad joke gone badly wrong, I don't think a property owner that lives next to blacks would put up a sign that would cause an outrage and unwanted attention.

check out Sign in front of Northeast El Paso home: "No blacks welcomed to trick-or-treat" from elpasotimes.com it was definitely the owner

They may be thinking it is private property.

Any one who lives in El Paso knows that this is a very racist city. I am black and my husband is hispanic and we live on the westside. Whenever we go to the movies or out to dinner we get stares and whispers. Lucky we are a military family and even though we bought a home here El Paso will not be our final destination. We have never seen such a divided city. It is so sad to see that this type of behavior seems to be the norm here. I can honestly say there are very ignorant people living here.

You're generalizing ... which in itself is wrong. I too have seen racism in El Paso ... but against Mexican AMERICANS who don't speak Spanish ... or who aren't "Mexican enough" (as some people tell us). And, its racism from Mexicans and Whites alike. Us Mexican Americans just want El Paso to go back to the way it was. So please don't classify us all together with your "There are very ignorant people living here" comment. Not all of us are ignorant and many of us are as disgusted as you are.

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