Push-Up Bikini Criticized by Parents


POSTED: Monday, March 28, 2011 - 4:20pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 10:24am

"No way, no way. No, I want my little girl to be a little girl as long as possible. So, I'll have her shop elsewhere," Dalstra said.

That's what one father, Dan Dalstra, thinks about Abercrombie Kids' newest bikini.

The "Ashley" striped triangle top was described as padded and a push-up top.

But child counselor, Melissa Nicholson, says this bikini is ridiculous.

"It's not kids. It's pushing kids to be adults. Sexy adults. And who wants their little girl to be sexy," Nicholson said.

The words push-up were recently taken out of the description. But, parents are still asking why would a girl need a swimsuit like this?

"I don't know how old it's targeted for. I don't know why an eight, nine, ten year-old needs to wear something like that. Why would they want to look like they've developed early? It's kind of gross," Dalstra said.

Anna Albertson is a mother, she says stores will try to sell anything, but it's who's buying them that counts.

"The stores can bombard you with advertisements on TV, the radio, through celebrities, but the most important part of a child's life is their parents. They're the ones who decide what their daughters should wear," Albertson said.

Nicholson says these bikinis could have negative consequences for young girls.

"This would make their self-esteem suffer because they would think, this is what I'm supposed to be, and they're not," Nicholson said.

And even though it's just a swimsuit, Nicholson says it could lead girls into growing up too quickly.

"It pushes them to do other things that wouldn't be right for that age group. It's sad that they're doing this," Nicholson said.

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Chickenmilk must allow his/her kids to use whatever.
No, not cheat in hopscotch or stomping on puddles. This "new sensation" may have children look older, matured, and cheap and arouse perverts. I hope your kids don't get into trouble.

a swimsuit is going to push elementary school age girls to do things that aren't right for their age group? like what, I wonder? coloring outside of the lines, cheating at hopscotch, stomping too aggressively in a rain puddle, orgies? one can only wonder how a piece of fabric wields such incredible influence.

and why oh why would a father allow his eight year old daughter to shop for her own clothes anyway? everything about this bikini is a sensationalist non-issue...

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