Public Hearing on Horizon Blvd. Expansion

Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 10:18pm

EL PASO- TXDOT is considering yet another expansion project.  Horizon Boulevard in Socorro, from Alameda to North Loop, would be widened to allow traffic to flow smoothly through the congested area.

A public hearing was held tonight, with dozens showing up to hear what TXDOT had to say.

It was a packed house for tonight's hearing, with TXDOT laying out plans for what it calls a much needed construction project.

"Horizon is a two lane road, it's very congested, they're having problems with traffic going through there, the area has grown up a lot over the last few years," says TXDOT representative Tony Lujan.

The proposal calls for the widening of the road, from two lanes to four, along a 1.2 mile stretch of Horizon Boulevard.  Six-foot-wide sidewalks and three retention ponds would also be included.

Some say it's about time.  Local residents told us traffic has been a problem for years, especially around peak hours. 

Pilo Morales Jr. has lived on Horizon his entire life.  He says for years it's been all talk on the expansion, but no action.

"18 years ago.  I have not seen anything going on and I was wondering if this meeting is going to get something going on or we're going to have to wait another twenty years," he told us.

If the project moves forward, he'll only have to wait about 3 more, with an expected completion date in December of 2013.

Pending no major hiccups, TXDOT says the project will move forward, with nearly everyone in attendance saying hurry up.

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