Protesters Upset at Secretary Napolitano's Speech


POSTED: Monday, January 31, 2011 - 6:23pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 9:41am

Not everyone was happy with Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano's progress report.

"What do we want? Jobs! when do we want it? Now!" chanted a dozen people outside the Magoffin Auditorium at UTEP's campus today. They asked the federal government to create more jobs at the border.

The Border Workers Association says if more people along the border have jobs they will be less tempted to get involved with immigration and drug crimes - and the border will be safer.

"They want to create jobs for people at the high end, at the high tech level," said Guillermo Glenn. "But they're not talking about creating jobs for low income workers; we're part of El Paso."

The Association says one solution would be building large mercados to not only provide thousands of jobs, but also attract tourism.

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There are plenty of government job opportunities in El Paso. Try the Border Patrol and Immigration. I'm sure they can accomodate these protesters.

Mercado's! They want Mercado's!
Mercado's belong in Mexico not in the United States. Send back all the illegals and the law violators like the Mexican toting plate drivers living in ELP that do not pay taxes and that would give us more jobs and help in the deficits.

Creating jobs is not the purpose of government. Government is supposed to allow the private sector to operate unmolested so they can thrive and create jobs. Government jobs are robbing Peter to pay Paul. El Paso was once lucky enough to have an enormously successful company that provided almost unlimited jobs to El Pasoans. Unions and government weren't happy until they killed Farah. El Paso was left to spend more taxpayer money to clear off the empty building. You get the picture?

She is the secretary of homeland security. What a bunch of idiots protesting her speech to find work. She has nothing to do with employment not only here, but anywhere. Now potential employers are really going to be excited to hire in El Paso knowing what sort of mentality they will get. This is like asking a doctor to do plumbing in your home to reLieve the streSS the leaking pipes cause, therefore protecting their health. DUMB. I have to go now, the gardner is here to work on my car.

omg you bunch of cry babies..instead of crying go and find a food house cleaning anything is better than doing nothing....

The Border Workers Association has a tough sell to American citizens who have seen manufacturing jobs lost overseas and across our borders. With unemployment fluctuating at or near 10%, there is no way deserving Americans are going down that road. The easy money and the cartels forced allegiance can't be erased by providing jobs. Just ask all the gainfully employed Law enforcement across the border. We have enough malls on this side, change the name of one center to Super Mercado.

Tourism and El Paso do not belong in the same sentence.

Maybe not, but like many Americans I'm so busy working and making a life for my family at home that I (we) don't have the time or expendable cash flow to pack up and go visit some other city just so I can blow my money on a hotel, food, and other so called attractions. There's nothing in Austin, San Antonio, Las Vegas or New York that I'm just itching to see...nope, I've got everything I need to live my life right here, and if I absolutely need to see something I've got the internet and library.

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