Protesters Collect 1,500+ Signatures Against Baseball Stadium

Protesters Collect 1,500+ Signatures Against Baseball Stadium

POSTED: Tuesday, July 31, 2012 - 2:38pm

UPDATED: Thursday, December 6, 2012 - 2:16pm

City Council's decision to pass a motion approving plans to build a downtown baseball stadium faces opposition from registered voters. They planned to gather in front of City Hall Tuesday at 4 p.m.

Members from the group Quality of Life Voters (QOL) said they've gathered over 1,500 signatures from voters opposed to what they are calling a "secret and arbitrary process in violation of city policies." The proposed baseball stadium would require the destruction of City Hall, Insights Museum and a community garden plot. 

Members said the goal of the organization is that Quality of Life decisions in El Paso, Texas not be imposed without prior voter approval.

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Take me out to the ball game.

its just a big office building thats all, its not like the city is not going to to build or relocate!!! Damn people just when the city of el paso seems to be progressing theres always that group of people that need to butt in and try to bring it down! why not bring a baseball team to el paso? Thaty would be good for us, damn you QOL people just leave it be we need more attractions for el paso besides call centers and shopping malls!!!! The museum is going to get a new building and so is city hal

Its bull...they build this thing and we pay for it. They are destroying and rebuild on top of history and that is what El Paso is. Its about history and heritage. Down town is a historic place...all of it and that should stay preserved. The city should be using the millions for this stupid field to fix things like streets and building so some of the city doesn't look so run down. THATS what should be done. Not bringing in something many people won't even go to.

Man oh man, when is all this petition stuff going to end. If you don't like the way your representatives are acting then don't vote for them or better yet run for the position. I for one have not always been happy with my city reps decisions and actions so that is why I will not vote for that person again. My problem is that often I do not have a reasonable alternative person to vote for. I am nervous about the stadium but I feel we do need a AAA team to prosper. Keep tabs on Foster & Hunt!

What's with the picture? Black Panthers uniting against the baseball stadium?

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