Prostitution Ring Suspect Appears In Court


POSTED: Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 11:08am

UPDATED: Monday, January 9, 2012 - 9:27am

EL PASO- A woman accused of participating in a prostitution ring in El Paso made an appearance in an El Paso Federal Court Wednesday morning.

Holly Reemer pleaded not guilty to charges that she transported women with the purpose of prostitution, and also persuaded and enticed other women to participate in prostitution. Reemer was denied bond during the hearing.

Federal agents allege that Reemer and nine others starting in December of 2009 organized and profited from the prostitution ring.

Four other suspectes pleaded not guilty, but did not appear in person.

Prosecutors say there are 10 victims in the case. It is also alleged that some of the victims were used to strip at nightclubs in El Paso.

All 10 suspects were arrested in Baltimore on October 12, and were extradited to El Paso. Two suspects, both pregnant, Shelby Smith and Brandi Minnich remain in Baltimore.

If convicted, the suspects will have to pay the government one million dollars because that is the amount the government claims the group earned from the prostitution ring. The suspects would also have to forfeit two vehicles used to transport prostitutes.

Three more suspects are expected to appear in court on Monday. All suspects eccept Smith and Minnich have plead not guilty.

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For some reason when I see the words "El Paso prostitution ring" I think of large, fairly hirsute women who probably don't smell very nice...foochie!

Lol,ppaul thats somewhat funny but true but what do you expect women to smell like when we are working 10,12 sometimes 14 hours a day to make our quota,sorry about the earlier comment it was directed ashtoncoxable and auntshellie,I misread.

Holly is my girl! She is a victim of brainwashing and these people took advantage of her including talking her into believing she owed them her family inheritance. She is a victim in all this not an offender. Some of us here at home in Indianapolis In. had recievede e-mails from her saying that she couldn't leave. I had recieved a phone call from her that she was on a bus after she walked out of work from an exotic dancing job. She is a victim. AND SHE SMELLS FINE!

sorry paul but "amira" was 1 of the main girls aside from "bebe","cherish" & "kristal" that was out recruiting us girls,she knew exactly what she was doing and she also knew what alarcon and the rest of his crew had in store 4 us once we fell for the "we are going to make you a star" line,beatings,being held agaisnt our will etc,she right along with the rest of them deserves MORE then whatever they get,I dont feel sorry for any of them especially the 1's with daughters of their own,I was there

Everything Ashtoncoxable said is true! Holly too is a victim. I have heard nothing about the beatings that Holly took from "Fresh" and how he treatened her. It's really easy for someone that has never been abused by someone to say what they would do, but until your in there shoes you have NO idea. Holly too had ALL her rights taken away by these men!

sorry shellie,amira was no more of a victim then the rest of the girls that DECIDED to stay to help recruit,alarcon did however hit all of us girls but amira,bebe,cherish and kristal had free will they could have left whenever they wanted,they was able to keep their ID's,computers,cells and the money they made dancing,WE were not,so when you say that she had HER rights taken away you are wrong,the don would make us work then take ALL OUR money that WE were FORCED to make and bring back in!!

One of the things the society need to do is to left back all the "morality" baggage and have an open mind about this and other topics. I agree that the human trafficking needs to be punished because nobody has the right to make you do something you don't want to, and without any benefit to you. But prostitution is a necessity of the society, and it needs to be legal to avoid the actual risks and to protect the workers and customers.

So sad:( I guess its better to leave all the "legal" sex selling and buying come from the State of California under the false title of "pornography". There is no arguable difference between prostitution and pornography in my opinion. They both involve concenting adults, and nobody leaves feeling emotionally "hurt" afterwards.

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