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Prosecutors: Irvin High Teacher Depicted in Homemade Movies

Prosecutors: Irvin High Teacher Depicted in Homemade Movies

POSTED: Thursday, September 30, 2010 - 9:50pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 1, 2010 - 11:01am

Prosecutors now say Irvin High School dance teacher Marco Alferez had homemade videos depicting him engaging in sex acts with little girls.

Police say they found child porn on Alferez' home computer and tonight, as we have dug into his background, more disturbing evidence has come to light.

Prosecutors say that Alferez tried to hide a camera with a T-shirt and then taped himself having sex with children. They think the youngest victim may be in elementary school.

"I was kind of worried about her," said Irene Calderon. Her daughter had Alferez as a dance teacher last year. She said she was always wary of leaving her alone with him.

"I came to three rehearsals and I saw how he was treating the girls and everything, but I never left my daughter by herself or anything," she said.

We're told prosecutors found 140 homemade videos on his computer with as many as seventy victims. They're not sure if the victims are from El Paso, but they do know Alferez was uploading the videos to the internet and sharing them.

"Well I think they should do a better background check, you know, on our teachers and staff, just to make sure what kind of family background they've had," said Sandra Dogoli. Her daughter is a senior at Irvin High.

EPISD tells us they did run a background check on Alferez and found no criminal history. But some parents think that isn't enough.

"They should check every teacher every year," Calderon said.

We're told Alferez was also a choreographer for Viva El Paso, and though the organization had no comment, we did find credits with his name on their Wikipedia site. We also found a YouTube video possibly of one of Alferez' performances at an El Paso church.

Parents at Irvin High, meanwhile, are shook up, hoping none of their children could be victims of Alferez.

"Be aware of what's going on and talk to your children," Dogoli said.

"It is scary because you think, well I left my girl with him you know," Calderon said.

Prosecutors also say they found 98 so-called commercial videos depicting child pornography on his computer. They will have 30 days now to present their evidence to a grand jury.

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