Proposed legislation could ban texting and driving in all of New Mexico

Proposed legislation could ban texting and driving in all of New Mexico
Sunday, January 13, 2013 - 10:20pm

Proposed bills for the upcoming New Mexico legislative session could make it possible for texting and driving to be prohibited throughout the state.

Senate bill 17 and house bill 43 both would make it illegal to use of a cell phone to send or receive messages, check email or use the internet while driving.

"i know I've been flying down the highway trying to text and almost ran off the road," said Jacy Goad, a student at New Mexico State University. "It just seems sending such a simple text could cost you your life."

Using a cell phone within Las Cruces city limits has been prohibited since February 2010, but there are still violators.

"it is ridiculous to see the amount of people that are texting," said James Lucero, a Las Cruces resident. "Most of these people don't even look like they're driving."

As proposed, HB43 would impose a $100 fine for a violation.

"$100 fine seems a little extreme but if that's what it takes to get people not to text and drive then I agree with it," Goad said.

Other residents feel the proposed legislation could at the very least create more awareness and keep more people from being distracted on their phones.

"Driving requires all your attention," said Las Crucen Robby Fiske. "There's things that happen within a split second and texting takes away from that."

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