Proposed Bridge Connecting Schuster to Paisano Gets Reaction

Monday, April 30, 2012 - 10:21pm

A mile long bridge connecting Paisano to Schuster could be under way as soon as next year.

TxDOT says the bridge, also called spur 1966, will benefit UTEP, neighborhoods like Sunset Heights and Mission Hills, nearby hospitals and businesses on Mesa Street.
Students at UTEP like the idea.

"Well I think it's important now that UTEP is growing, it will help a lot really," said UTEP student Luis Valtierra.

Janeth Moreno was also in support of the proposed bridge.

" I've tried to get my schedule for certain days because of the traffic and being so far..i definitely think it'd be a good idea if they build that bridge because it would..I mean the traffic in the mornings, afternoons, is always crazy," said Moreno.

Alan Motta says the bridge will also make it easier for students coming from Juarez.

" You know like they have another way to just keep on going to the freeway or they're just go around the way to school. I think it makes things much better, faster, convenient for everyone," said Motta.

But not everyone is jumping on the Spur 1966 bandwagon. Roberto Barrio owns Cat Crazy Cyclery on Mesa. He's worried the bridge will add more traffic.

"I'm sitting there how does it affect sunset heights? Does it bring more traffic and congestion to an area that maybe can't handle that,” said Barrio.

Barrio says his business could suffer during the construction phase.

"How's it going to affect local businesses during those 18 months and then once it's in place does our downtown all of a sudden have a spaghetti bowl type bridge," said Barrio.

Tomorrow, May 1st, TxDOT will host a public meeting in UTEP's El Paso Natural Gas Conference Center from 6 to 8p.m.


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